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Nov 14, 2012 12:00pm EST
there in those kind of disasters. katrina, there were big mistakes made dana katrina. there's tremendous amount of money that was wasted dana. there wasn't a plan to spend it. they came to us first with a request for 10.5 kilometer's, and i supported that. that lasted a week ago back in front of us with a request for 51.8 billion more dollars, 50 billion for dean the complex check. 1.8 billion for the corps of engineers. i asked for the plan, and finally, finally i went with down to that unless i valid as your spreadsheet and want to see the support documents for the spreadsheet if it's the spreadsheet i wan the spreadshei want to see the adding machine tape and if it's not that i want to see the dartboard vegemite from the dart at. at you i think they did throw a dart, figuratively speaking and ended up on 50 billion. and we know what have i been at the next it was by 32 a.m. when i got e-mail from josh bolten promised me that day he would give me the plan i have the got the 51.8 billion. in that was included to hundred, 300,000 trade houses in the original plan of 270,000 of which were backor
Nov 14, 2012 9:00am PST
efforts after hurricane katrina, he asked for a writer to shadow him, and they told him no that this is not the type of thing that is allowed. do you see anything that is inappropriate in her role here. >> if you are the justice department having to make a presidential decision about the unauthorized leak of classified information. paula broadwell was a reservist. you heard her mention that. as a reservist, she hilary clintons we're told, top secret compartmented information clearance, but that clearance is only in place, if you will, active when she's on reserve duty. clearly when she was embedded and getting ready as her biographer to write a book that, doesn't apply. unless david petraeus walked her in and -- if the general brings her into a room before there's a classified conversation, you really put the onus then on his suborder nants to raise the question of whether or not they can talk in front of her, and, of course, they're taking their signal from the general kwsh if he is bringing her in, it's implicit that they're able to speak in front of her, and i think t
Nov 14, 2012 11:00am PST
for a period . we had katrina. we'll have things that will disrupt the economy. 9/11 was an extraordinary case. we have a i havery resilient economy. the fact that they can't get along for the month of january is not going to torpedo the economy. >> reporter: and, fredricka, i also talked to him about that meeting that the president had today with ceos from american businesses and, look, he told me, i think the president needs to take a very hard line in this second term when domes to these negotiations over the fiscal cliff and over taxes. >> and, in fact, as we talk about taxes, you know, buffett is known for supporting higher taxes for wealthy people, just like himself. you asked him some very tough specific questions about what he thinks wealthy people should pay. what did he say? >> reporter: you know, i'm having a hard time hearing you -- you know, i asked him point blank for some specifics on especially capital gains taxes when it comes to investments and the -- on the profit from investments. we wanted specifics from him and here's what he said. are you saying there is no taxation leve
Nov 14, 2012 6:00am EST
involved in the aftermath of katrina and some of the storms that hit in '05, and you look back on those experiences and it's very difficult the day before to figure out what to do. and while i think particularly here there was a lot of planning in advance, it's not untypical to avoid thinking about the unthinkable. >> right. >> it's happened in many situations. >> real quick. politically, we keep talking about the politics of the fiscal cliff and all of this, but the politics of energy in this country, do you think that 2020 prediction is ultimately going to be right. do you see the administration now they've been reelected doing the things that you think will actually get us there? yes, no, where are you? >> i'm skeptical as to whether we'll actually reach that goal. it's possible. unfortunately, we could have been producing a whole lot more oil even before we started opening up the shale areas in the last few years, but we shut down the gulf of mexico after the bp spill. actually had virtually no activity for two years in the gulf of mexico. which cost us a lot of jobs and opportunity
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6 (some duplicates have been removed)